Do Your Wheels Look Scuffed? Call Chip's Wheel Repair

They'll look good as new after wheel polishing services in Fort Myers, FL

You can give your vehicle a new coat of paint, but it will still look old and worn the wheels are dull. Chip's Wheel Repair can restore your wheels with wheel polishing services. We'll make the wheels on your car shine like new.

During the polishing process, our crew will...

  • Remove the wheels
  • Clean off dirt and grime
  • Add a layer of polish
  • Buff the wheels to achieve a smooth finish

We operate a full-service facility in Fort Myers, Florida. You can rest assured that we have the tools and skills needed to restore your wheels to optimal condition.

Contact us at (239) 288-6576 to arrange for wheel polishing services in Fort Myers, FL.

You may not have to replace a damaged wheel

If you have a wheel that was damaged in an accident, you might be stressing over the cost of a replacement. You can save money when you get your wheel damage fixed at Chip's Wheel Repair.

We perform welding, rim straightening and cosmetic repair services. We'll fix scuffs and dents and polish your wheel to make it look like the damage never happened.

Let us restore and polish your wheels

We can restore your damaged polished wheels to a like new appearance for a fraction of the cost for a new polished wheel. There are several processes for repairing polished wheels the correct way. We start by stripping the factory clear coat off your rim, repairing any curb rash, polishing the rim, cleaning the rim, and applying a protective powder coat clear coat finish for a like new factory finish.

Our auto shop is opening in January 2020. Get your wheel damage fixed when you stop by Chip's Wheel Repair in Fort Myers, FL. Call us for more information at (239) 288-6576!