Make Your Old Rims Shine

Schedule wheel re-machining services when you contact Chip's Wheel Repair in Fort Myers, FL

You love the shiny look of your machined wheels, but now they're old, scuffed and dull. You don't have to replace your rims. You can make your old wheels look new again with wheel re-machining services.

Chip's Wheel Repair provides re-machine services for trucks and cars in Fort Myers, FL. Our crew will strip off the face of your rims and apply a new layer of powder coating. Your rims will look shiny and be better protected from wear and tear.

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Our facility can repair all types of wheels

Don't rely on a mobile mechanic with access to a limited range of tools. Chip's Wheel Repair is a full-service reconditioning facility in Fort Myers, Florida that opens in January of 2020. We have the equipment to provide effective re-machine services for trucks and cars.

Our team can repair wheels of all types and sizes. Bring your vehicle to Chip's Wheel Repair and get your cosmetic damage fixed by the pros.