Let Chip's Wheel Repair Help Protect Your Wheels With Powder Coating

Our auto shop performs cosmetic wheel repair in Fort Myers, FL

Did the finish on your wheels chip? Did you scuff your rims by hitting a curb? Chip's Wheel Repair can provide the cosmetic wheel repair services you need. Our facility in Fort Myers, Florida has the equipment needed to give your wheels a fresh powder coating.

During the process, our crew will strip off any old paint, dirt or grime. We'll apply a coat of ionized powder coating, then bake on the coating so it adheres to your wheel properly. Once the job is done, you'll have wheels that look new and can last for decades.

Contact us at (239) 288-6576 to find out more about powder coating for wheels.

How is powder coating better than traditional painting?

A cosmetic wheel repair can be completed with traditional paint, but it's a great opportunity to give your wheels a more durable finish.

Powder coating is a better option because...

  • It's resistant to rust, weathering and corrosion
  • It's durable and less likely to chip or flake
  • It doesn't use environmentally hazardous chemicals

Chip's Wheel Repair will be open and standing by to provide powder coating for wheels in January 2020. Schedule an appointment by calling us at (239) 288-6576.