Get Your Rims Back in Tip-Top Shape with help from Chip's Wheel Repair

Come to our shop for wheel repair services in Fort Myers, FL

There's no need to panic when you scuff your wheels. Chip's Wheel Repair performs wheel repair services at our facility in Fort Myers, Florida. We can fix scuffs, chips and dents and polish your rims to make your wheels look as good as new.

Our facility provides...

Rim repair services

Wheel polishing services

Wheel re-machining services

Rim straightening services

Cosmetic wheel repair services

You don't have to settle for expensive wheel replacements. Save money and stress by visiting Chip's Wheel Repair in Fort Myers, FL. Call us at (239) 288-6576

Wheel Polishing

We'll make your rims shine like they're made of chrome.

Rim Straightening

We can fix your wheels to meet factory specifications.

Full Cosmetic Repair and Powder Coating

Give your rims a tough coating that will look great for years.

Re-Machine Services

Restore that shiny look you love with a new powder coating.

Give your rims a durable, shiny finish

At Chip's Wheel Repair, we know that how your wheels look is just as important as how well they work. We can apply a powder coating to your wheels after any wheel repair.

Powder coating is mixture of finely-ground pigments and resin that's applied to the wheel and heated until it fuses with the metal. This provides a tough coating that resists rust, moisture, chemicals and ordinary wear and tear. Your wheels will have a smooth, shiny appearance that lasts for years.

Bring your car or truck to our shop in Fort Myers, FL for rim repair and polishing services. Call us with any questions at (239) 288-6576.