Are straightening technology allows us to take a bent wheel up to 24" in diameter and tru-it to within +/- .010. Wheel straightening is a highly skilled trade and should only be performed by a trained wheel straightening professional. trained technicians spend countless hours working on scrap wheels before being allowed to touch a customer's wheel. Our technicians are trained on 4,5 and 6 bolt rims, as well as 14" to 24" wheels to correct radial run out. A technician takes pride in knowing that countless hours of bent wheel training converts to saving our customers time and money.

Our Process

At Chip's wheel repair we take great pride in making sure our wheel repair techs inspect your bent wheel thoroughly to ensure a safe rim repair. Brake dust, corrosion, or tire rubber are removed for proper inspection. After inspection of this wheel a trained technician notices a small crack. It would be tig welded and straightened (if more than 2 cracks on the back side of the wheel it will not be repaired). If a crack occurs near a spoke or lughole, it would be considered unsafe to repair. In the case of large cracks, OE replacements are the answer.

The radius of the wheel is checked using a dial indicator, which will pinpoint exactly where the wheel is bent. A specific amount of heat, controlled hydraulic pressure are used to ensure a quality repair. The wheel is allowed to cool and the pressure is released. This process is repeated until it meets our specific requirements of +/- .010 inches.

The outer edge of the wheel is also measured with a dial indicator. Heat is applied to a specific area and is controlled using a temperature gauge.

A technician will inspect your wheel through every phase of the wheel straightening process to ensure a safe and quality rim repair. You can be confident in our technology and integrity when it comes to your bent wheel.